children’s swivelchairs by moll

three dimensions of ergonomic sitting: Seating height, seating depth, backrest height

A swivel chair should be basic equipment in any child’s room. The right setting is important. Children’s and teens’ swivel chairs should grow with their users and be a breeze to adjust to changing body sizes.

moll swivel chairs are always suitable for all children and teens. For example, higher seating depths can be set for small, growing children, because too much seating depth can cause bad posture. For larger children and teens, it is important that the seating depth be adjustable and proportionally large. It should be clear to everyone that the seating height must have variable settings. Toddlers have considerably shorter legs than older kids. Even the upper body proportions differ in our children. It is therefore indispensable that the backrest be adjustable to best support the upper body.