Moll UNIQUE L7 LED galda lampa

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Produkta informācija "Moll UNIQUE L7 LED galda lampa"
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Moll UNIQUE L7 dizaina lampa apvieno eleganci ar inteliģenci.
Minimāls dizains, LED tehnoloģija, liela elastība un regulējama komforta gaisma: Dizaina lampa Moll UNIQUE L7 nodrošina optimālu darba telpas apgaismojumu. USB ports lampas pakājē kalpo kā praktiska uzlādēšanas stacija. Moll L7 pielāgojas mūsdienu biroja pieaugošajām tehniskajām prasībām.
The Moll L7 desk lamp provides the ideal light source for all desk and stays out of the spotlight with it’s minimal, yet sophisticated design.

Dimmable and energy-saving LED lighting 

The extremely efficient LED lamp head is equipped with 40 LEDs and thanks to the flexible gooseneck, it can light up every corner of the work surface perfectly.

In order to adapt the light level to its current work surroundings, the Moll L7 has a dimming function. With the sensor key, it is possible to dim the light down to 5% brightness.

Perfect stand

The base of the Moll L7 has a steel insert to reduce the risk of tipping and improves the standing of the desk lamp. The slip-resistant base provides additional support and protects the table surface.

Well thought-out design

For decades, Moll has strived for perfection and attention to detail. The Moll L7 was constructed with this obsession in mind and features many extras. The integrated pen groove on the base prevents pens from rolling away. Since sockets on the desk are not often available, the Moll L7 has two USB charging ports that can charge mobile phones, MP3 players and other electrical devices.

The intelligent power button can not only turn the lamp on and off but also shine in many bright colours. At the touch of a button, the colour of the power button changes even when the light is off. Thus, the moll L7 is also suitable as a nightlight and ensures safety and well-being.