Moll MOBILIGHT PLUS galda lampa

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Produkta numurs: 360010
Produkta informācija "Moll MOBILIGHT PLUS galda lampa"
Moll Mobilight lampa ir Moll  klasika. Pierādīja sevi  ilgu gadu garumā un joprojām aktuāla šodien. Gaismas spuldzi iespējams virzīt uz priekšu un atpakaļ.  Ar septiņām maināmām krāsu uzlikām komplektā.

Very illuminating: good light relieves the eyes while studying

As daylight decreases, eye strain increases and concentration decreases. With its ingenious swivel joints and the 90 ° reflector, the Mobilight LED light ensures that no body shadow falls on the desk.

Right before left? Mobilight adapts to everyone

The Mobilight is suitable for right and left-handers. How it works? The lamp head can easily be mounted on the left or right.

The highlight at the desk: the clamp foot

The patented clamp foot with integrated rollers enables the lamp to be moved without any effort. Despite the inclined plate, the light remains unchanged and perfectly illuminates the work surface.

Two are better than one: Sustainable and economical

The built-in LED is a real power saver and provides sufficient bright light. The light source can be replaced at any time by easy assembly.