Moll FLEXLIGHT desk lamp


Product number: 362150
Product information "Moll FLEXLIGHT desk lamp"
The Moll FLEXLIGHT features many surprising attributes that will make children’s eyes light up. In addition to state-of-the-art LED lighting technology, great versatility and dimmable brightness, the intelligent power button system can change to all colours of the rainbow upon demand and can also serve as a nightlight. The integrated USB port on the light arm can double the FLEXLIGHT as a charging station for mobile phones, tablets and other gadgets, meeting the technical demands of modern children.

Flexlight: the flexible LED desk lamp by Moll

Accompanied day and night

Supreme flexibility

The Moll Flexlight Children Desk Lamp adjusts perfectly to suit any situation. Thanks to the flexible gooseneck and ball joint on the base, the lamp head and arm can be adjusted in any position.

Dimmable lighting

The light can be dimmed from 100% all the way down to 5% brightness via the sensor button, ensuring eye comfort at all times.

Sometimes red, others green or blue

The intelligent power button not only turns the Flexlight on and off but also activates different light colours. At a touch of a button, the colour changes, even when the light is off. The Moll Flexlight can also be used as a nightlight to ensure safety and well-being, allowing children to orientate in the dark if necessary. This function can be deactivated if not needed.

Remarkably economical

The Flexlight is particularly energy-efficient thanks to its LED lighting and could lead to an 85% energy saving when compared to a 60 W incandescent lamp.

Ingenious added features

The lamp has two USB slots to charge mobile phones, tablets and other electronic devices. The clamp secures the Flexlight firmly on the table without taking too much space (for a tabletop thickness of 13-23 mm).