Moll CHAMPION children desk FRONT UP


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Product number: 728200-702001
Product information "Moll CHAMPION children desk FRONT UP"
Addition for children’s desk CHAMPION. Only moll offers all these options for extensions!
When a child first starts going to school, it only needs a few pieces of paper. Later, he‘ll need lots of books. And later still, a computer with a monitor. So it‘s wonderful if the desk can be extended flexibly and as required. And incidentally: nobody has to know today what his child will need tomorrow. That‘s because moll offers a 5-year availability guarantee on its additions.
The desk height and tilting desk surface adjust fully to ensure a healthy posture and encourage good study habits. A fun yo-yo style pulley makes it easy for your child to raise or lower the height of the desk. The desk surface tilts up to 20° with a child-friendly pull cord system that allows your child to position the work surface at the perfect angle for reading, writing, and creating. This individualized ergonomic comfort reduces strain on your child's back, neck, and eyes.
CHAMPION FRONT UP: Tilt adjustment over the entire width of the desk.
120 × 72 cm, with 120 × 52 cm tilt-adjustable

Parameter Unit
Lenght 1200 mm
Width 720 mm
Hight 530 - 820 mm
Weight 32 kg
Table finish shape rectangle with rounded corners
Table top shape rectangle with rounded corners
Functions adjustable
Colors white
Side Colors 6 colors and 2 wood textures

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